Want your existing Czech text to look presentable?

Correct spelling and stylistics are a walk in the park for me.

I mostly deal with these kinds of texts:

  • websites
  • academic articles
  • information materials, brochures
  • business documentation
  • seminar papers, diploma theses
  • personal and business correspondence
  • books

You can choose from two types of proofreading:

  1. standard – consists of spelling and typographic corrections
  2. stylistic – consists of spelling and typographic corrections plus stylistic adjustments

Send me a DOC, DOCX or PAGES file and get your edits in the form of Track Changes and Comments. Send me a PDF file and get your edits in the form of Comments.

Need to edit an existing paper? Hate formatting?

I can adjust your text so that it fits the requirements of various publishers.

Whether you are publishing online content or academic articles, it is a good idea to check their form (layout, fonts, bibliography) and consistency.

When you decide to change the formatting of, for example, the references section of your paper so that it conforms to different requirements of various publishers, this may be very tedious and slow. However, flawless form might be equally as important as the content itself since failing to comply with formal requirements may result in non-acceptance of your work.

Combining your own writing skills with the meticulousness of an editor can help you avoid such mishaps.

Have a recording or a manuscript and want to transfer them into an electronic format?

Such tasks are crystal clear for me.

If you need your Czech or English handwritten or typewritten text in an electronic format, all I need from you is to scan it into a PDF file and send it to me. What you receive after transcription is a Word file or any other type of file of your preference.

Please be reminded that a handwritten text is usually much less legible than a typewritten text so it takes longer to be processed. The speed and comprehensibility of speech matter greatly when transcribing audio or video recordings. The quality of some recordings is very poor and increases processing difficulty. But there is no need to get discouraged. Contact me and let’s see what we can do.